“Utopia has become obsolete, but is the only virtue we have left.”
Los Amigos de Ludd
Some notes at the outset

From what we have seen, from left to right, the undertakers of utopia are everywhere. We are grateful for the funeral: it has disburdened us of the stigma and allowed us to start afresh. We do not own UTOPIA and it is our desire that it will escape from our hands. Our fingers are interlaced in civil disobedience. We don’t adhere to “–isms“ and we will not shirk from sabotage. And while those people, who look at the past with nostalgia, grope blindly for the future we prefer to plunge into the present.

There is a cancer spreading across the universal map. While engineers, news anchormen, leading scientists and old friends from elementary school are quick to deny it, we won’t lose any time in identifying and locating it: it is everywhere, it has no heart and no soul. Cancer defines its own existence – an existence that penetrates us all.

Never, in all of mankind’s past experiences, which are summed up by the term history, have so many millions of beings had to accept cannibalism as a way of life, in order to ensure their own survival.

But don’t think that Utopie is an escape from reality, that it’s something which, with a glance or a flap of its wings, makes us shortsighted. It doesn’t detach us from the daily ‘big lie’, nor is it something that prevents us from seeing who profits from this cannibalism.

In the 1920’s, during an internship as a budding attorney at the Court of Warsaw – where he would never set foot again – the Polish author Witold Gombrowicz realized that he couldn’t distinguish the judges from the murderers. At that time, they still sat on opposite sides of the court.

We said that we won’t lose time, and this is because the reality we desire will only come about as a result of utopian attacks. The rest…? Simply warm–up exercises and a relaxing game of Ping–Pong… If that’s not clear enough, we don’t intend to waste time speculating as to whether the revolution is possible, instead we understand it as a necessary process. And without being able to specify the precise time or date, we know it has already begun.

Reality is a rapture – utopia is a challenge. Between the two is where fires ignite. The creative impulse and strength of utopia does not come from its actual implementation (in the future), but from the impetus with which it seizes and redefines reality (in the present). Here and now. A dance that creates life.

Utopie is the force and flow of life. We hope it will radiate hypotheses that cause disquietude, commotion and creativity.

Like a feast of intense light.

To a large extent Utopie is based on an impossibility. For lovers of dialectics: it could not be done if it was possible. Hence, apart from the utopian and the Ping–Pong balls, we have not lost the ability to implode in reality.

The only thing we are unsure of is how it will be perceived in the future.

In the meantime, we surrender ourselves to the momentum of passion.

Berlin, 2014